Fall 2023 Beginner Classes in Scotland

Interested in classes? Email anandi [dot] knuppel [at] gmail [dot] com

Odissi beginner classes taught by Dr. Anandi Leela Devaki, disciple of Dr. Smt. Aparupa Chatterjee in the Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra gharana and Odissi Dance Company repertory.

Location: TBD
Timings: TBD

Odissi beginner classes will cover: theory of Odissi and Indian classical dance, Chauka and Tribhangi steps, hand gestures (mudras), and beginner Odissi items in year one. Students will receive a copy of the Odissi Pathfinder book as a part of tuition.

Class Policies

Our classes adhere to class policies shared among schools in our tradition. Please follow these rules and guidelines so that we may use our time wisely to learn this beautiful artform.

  • Class days are fixed and thus so are the monthly and semester fees. If you cannot make it to any class date please account for a make up class with the teacher. Give at least 24 hours advanced notice for missing class (emergencies are exceptions, of course).
  • Wear a fitted kurta and leggings to class, with a proper braid or hair tied back, with bindi. No t-shirts or short pants are allowed.
  • Bring a notebook and pen to class and maintain the same note book throughout our lessons.
  • Download all music, videos and material for class within 7 days. Make sure you back up your class materials as they are very important for dance education and are often hard to get.
  • This dance form is a traditional form following guru-shishya-parampara. Please take my permission before sharing, using or sending any music, dance item or video given by the school or taught by me.
  • Please remember copyrights belong to Srjan and Guru Ratikant Mohapatra, the guru of my school.